How to embarrass yourself without really trying

Don Cookson of WZON radio station interviews Teddi-Jann Covell this week in Bangor, photo by Deb Neuman

Being president means embarassing moments

Little did I know, that when I was elected president of the Bangor Art Society I would end up in front of a camera, in front of a local radio station microphone and in front of a national teleivision audience. I like many other people do not like to hear or see myself in pictures, moving or not! But with today’s demand for on-the-spot live action videos either on the internet or on television, I had to take the plunge and put myself “out there” to promote a worthy cause. Even though I am a former air traffic controller who worked nearly 30 years for the Federal Aviation Administration here at Bangor Airport Traffic Control Tower and Bangor Approach, words like “cleared for take-off” said into a headset is different than chatting with a suave radio personality like Don Cookson of WZON!Mr. Cookson was a brave soul and good sport to interview me this week at Stephen King’s Union Street station. Plus, I appreciated this public opportunity to promote the Bangor Art Society’s activities. Thank you to the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce director, Deb Neuman for inviting me! So, I immediately, put Don Cookson on the spot by asking him, while we were on the air, to be the auctioneer at the Bangor Art Society’s live  wet-paint auction on October 17th! How could he say no on-the -air?! I may have to do some behind the scenes negotiating! Mr. Cookson paused, he may have been red-faced but was a gentleman and did not refuse! Thank you! To view this interview: go to Facebook The Bangor Art Society page.

From radio to television

I had barely recovered and had no time for a complete make-over, face-lift or even a new hairstyle…when the very next day, I was pulled out from behind the scenes at a radio station. At least at the WZON station my voice was the only thing bombarding the airwaves. Wednesday, I was plunged in front of the television’s live camera at Fox News WVII Bangor! Lisa Spaulding, membership director for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce assured me, no big deal, this will be only a three minute spot with Craig Colson Bangor’s newscaster. So comforting.

Does TV make people look fat

I agonized over what I should wear to this live interview. Should I go sleeveless to limit perspiration? Or should I wear long sleeves to hide fat arms? Remembering that Richard Nixon lost the US Presidential election because he was sweating profusely during the national debates to Jack Kennedy, I decided not to wear a suit. And what color should I wear? Let’s face it, color is a VERY IMPORTANT element to artists! My mother always said I looked good in blue as a kid, so I went with a turquoise. I wore a classic tailored sun dress with a collar that was tea length. I figured plain fabric without lines or figures was best so as not to distract viewers. Plus, I’ve heard that television makes people look 20 lbs heavier, so I wanted the lean longer effect. Luckily, as Craig Colson lead me into the recording studio I was asked to sit on a couch. Plus, it was cold with plenty of AC. No worries about perspiration drops, I just had to remember not to slouch!

Trying to stay focused when bombarded with tragedies

Mr. Colson is another media professional who calmly went through his daily routines and again he said this would be a breeze. As were were heading to the studio, he was reminded to pick up his daughter after work. Yes, the glamorous life of a TV personality. I chuckled. Mr. Colson, told me that I would be on the other side of the studio from his desk and listen to his news show then they would show a quick shot of me on the couch. A commercial break then he would join me on the other side of the sectional and we would begin. I had brought a small painting and a flyer for the Bangor art Society’s Artober Paint Bangor Event. I placed them on the coffee table between us.

“Zebulon Smith House”, 6″ X 6″, oil on panel, painting by Teddi-Jann Covell, on the “2017 Paint Bangor” flyer permission of the artist

Death, destruction and floods

I highly recommend not listening and not watching the news before going on live television. A fatal car accident, a factory fire and hurricane Harvey will not inspire rookie speakers such as myself. Such sad events that must be reported are not the kind of motivational dialog to pump people up to present a cheery face to the world. How does Craig Colson perform so brilliantly, looking dapper and refined day after day? He is a veteran star and maneuvers around the news with a dignified persona. I was tongue-tied the minute we began our talk. How I managed to blurt out the Bangor Art Society’s annual fundraising “Paint Bangor Event” is beyond me. I do know that I told people that our artists will be plein-air painting around the city from October 1st through the 17th. The Bangor Art Society is offering any Bangor business, to have a “portrait” of their building done by a professional artist. The “BAS Paint Bangor Event” this is their chance!  After the 17 day event there is a live auction at the newly renovated “Ballroom” at 193 Exchange St. in downtown Bangor for people to buy their favorite paintings. I gave Mr. Colson a copy of the Bangor Art Society’s Coloring Book for his daughter and those three minutes seemed like an eternity! Thank you Craig Colson and the entire Fox 22/ WVII staff for having me on your show. Hopefully, the cameras did not shatter and are still usable after my interview! To view the video see Please check out The Bangor Art Society Facebook page as well as website to register as an artist in the Paint Bangor Event. Please contact me, as President of the Bangor Art Society to inquire about having your business portrait painted. I appreciate you for reading my blog, please like and share!

The renovated “Ballroom” at 193 Exchange St., Bangor in the Nichols Block. Location of BAS Live Wet Paint Auction open to the public on October 17th from 6:00 -9:00 PM proceeds to benefit the Bangor Art Society and Artists, photo by Teddi-Jann Covell



























































Teddi Covell

About Teddi Covell

Teddi-Jann was elected as President of the Bangor Art Society May 2015. In this capacity she complied member’s drawings to form a Bangor Art Society Coloring Book, organized, two members’ art shows and one Paint-out with a wet paint auction, October 2015 & 2016.