What Are Big Girl Panties and Who Wears Them

Fearless Girl Statue in Bowling Green Wall street, New York City Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

“Fearless Girl” Statue in Bowling Green Wall street, New York City
Photo Courtesy of The New York Times


As a female professional artist, business owner, and book illustrator nothing aggravates me more than seeing the short sighted phrase, “put on Big-Girl panties” used toward women. Just what does this mean? I will “frame” the following response with factual references and personal experiences for everyone to learn from.

Statues Don’t Wear Underwear

Erected on Wall Street Tuesday – International Women’s Day – was a bronze statue of a little girl defiantly staring at the charging bull ahead of her. “Know the power of women in leadership, SHE makes a difference” states the plaque at the girl’s feet. Nice idea but accuracy of an age appropriate woman’s physique would have been a better representation for the sculpture today. This miscue highlights the ever-present issue of under-represented women not “girls” in corporate boardrooms. The “Fearless Girl” bronze creation cannot wear “Big-Girl Panties” because the subject is a small youngster, not a woman, made of metal! Someone needs to inform the very talented sculptress Kristen Visbal that her work does not represent leadership. It does represent defiance. Ms. Visbal may disagree with me as she dons her “Big Girl Panties” and chisels away at her next sculpture. Accordingly, the marble statue of “Venus de Milo” that I wrote about  in my blog yesterday: “Can You Imagine Art and Life Without Women,” does not wear “Big Girl Panties” either! In fact, panties were not constructed in  the year 101 B.C. when the Greek artist Alexandros of Antioch sculpted his Aphrodite. Lingerie for the 6 foot 8 inch beauty wasn’t invented. Unfortunately, Venus might be invited into a certain billionaire’s boardroom today, but not to give him advice.

Aphordite of Milos by Alexandos of Antioch, photo coutesy of The Louvre

Aphrodite of Milos by Alexandos of Antioch, photo coutesy of The Louvre

“Shattered, Cracked or Firmly Intact? Women and the Executive Glass Ceiling” by Farida Jalaza

The book by the Oklahoma University Associate Professor of Political Science illustrates the different paths that men and women take to political office. Ms. Jalaza stated last night on PBS News Hour that she was motivated to write this book by descent and lack of equality that effects more than half of America’s population. Yes, ladies, there are more women than men in the United States. Fact, we are under represented in political offices. Let me clarify, Rutgers University, CAWP revealed “Women in US Congress 2016: 105 (77D,28R) women hold seats in the United States Congress, comprising 19.6% of the 535 members, 20 women (20%) serve in the United States senate, and 85 women (19.5%) serve in the United States House of Representatives.” Thankfully, Maine is represented by two “Big Girl Panty” women, Senator Susan Collins and Rep. Chellie Pingree. Please call Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s office in Bangor (#207-942-0583) and tell him to support the “Big Girl Panties” efforts of the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood. For without these programs, women cannot receive health insurance coverage for contraceptives that prevent unwanted pregnancies and aid in the early detection of breast cancer. My fraternal grandmother who graduated from Orono High School class of 1914 died of breast cancer. This is a passionate cause, literally near and dear to my heart. Male politicians should not mess with women’s rights to health care! Maybe all the US Congressmen should try on some “Big Girl Panties” and make big-girl decisions.

Victoria’s Secret and the Cost of “Big Girl Panties”

Therefore, if Bruce Poliquin or anyone needs a pair of “Big Girl Panties,” you could try and buy a pair on-line or at the rapidly shrinking Bangor Mall. Be prepared to pay more for women’s undies than your sugar daddy’s boxers. VS has one lady’s lacy pair for $24.00, while JC Penny’s offers six men’s boxers for $37.00. Hmm… do the math, people; the SECRET IS women are charged more for undergarments than men, period. Really, who needs them anyway? My “big girl” friends wear leggings much of the time while they lounge at the spa or workout in the gym, right!?? And all the while, these talented, intelligent women are juggling jobs, businesses, creating art, raising children, and taking care of housework, parents, and pets! We don’t wear “Big Girl Panties” because that would be redundant!


Looking for “Big Girl Panties”? Brian Vigue’s painting “Clothespin”


My friends Amy Cyrway and Brian Vigue, who own The Framemakers in Waterville, soon to be members of the Bangor Art Society, took me into their shop last weekend. I was delighted with Brian’s painting using ladies’ underwear as a canvas! The subject, obviously an adult woman, is a perfect parody of “Big Girl Panties.”  Thank you for being so creative. Now it’s time for a painting done with “Big Boy Panties”! (www.theframemakers.com)

Pussy Hat Prints

In an effort to assist people in the efforts for equality, I am offering prints of my painting of the Women’s March on Washington, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” 50% of the proceeds collected will be donated towards ERA efforts (since women are 50% of the US population). Please see my website to pre-order the 16″ x 20″ archival prints. FYI: they are printed by Print Bangor, a company owned by my friends Elena and Ben Metzger. They are members of the Bangor Art Society and one of them also wears “Big Girl Panties.” If you mention this blog, you will receive the “Big Girl Panties” discount! (Teddi-JannCovell.com)

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights” – HRC, painting by Teddi-Jann Covell, 16″ x 20″, oil on canvas



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