Who Stole Tom Brady’s Shirt?

Prior to the game last Sunday, I held a painting party in my home in Orono.  The Super Bowl was on my mind, but I had selected the standard subjects for my “students” to copy, a vase of pink flowers or a snow covered Katahdin. When neither ladies were thrilled at my suggestions, jokingly, I suggested, “well you could paint Tom Brady’s butt!” ” Great idea”, said one woman. The other, more practical woman decided to try painting my prayer plant. Both, were perfect preambles to THE game!

Five Hours of Painting

Typically, my “Paint & Sip” classes offered with Adult Education through RSU26 have been billed as two hour classes, using acrylic paints and real 16″ X 20″ canvases with cider as refreshment. This day was different. We did use the same art supplies, but Diana furnished exotic lemon and liqueur..(I saved my champagne bottle for a later occassion!). I ended up needing two healthy energy shots and and a massage after bending over the art work and computer! Since, found l several views of Tom from which Jen could draw her inspiration; one of him tossing a pass, from the side, a front angle and one long shot of the Pats QB taken from behind.  She chose the most difficult scene to copy, one from the back, including several players of the O-line. After lots of laughs and paint, five hours later, they both came up with “masterpieces”! Great job ladies! Never give up!

Result of 5 hours Painting Party, Diana and Jen

Result of 5 hours Painting Party, Diana and Jen

Jen's Tom brady

Jen’s Tom Brady Paintng

Super Bowl LI

Next came Sunday night. I, like every other fan in Patriots Nation was perched in front of a wide screen. My husband and I had been at a “pre-game” party of a good friend, but, game time was serious business. I had to be in my own family room to concentrate. As a daughter and wife of former college football players who became football coaches…I know the drill. Holy cow! The first quarter was grueling. Then, the second quarter’s score…What!??? 21-3, Falcons? I had to take a walk at half time. I threw on my coat and went through the garage, to the back yard, startled the two deer that were eating bird seed. I wanted to punch something, but, I have a broken right wrist, (from falling skating at the OHS rink while shooting hockey pucks into the net)! They just can’t go down like this, I thought. I was contemplating not watching the second half, but, I forced myself.

WOW, come back of the century!!! It’s a blurr really, Hightower’s defensive quickness to cause Ryan’s fumble, Edleman’s miraculous catch, Brady’s perfect throws, Hogan’s grabs, Emendola’s TD and White’s extra efforts to stretch over that precious white line! “Pope” Belichick, (as my late buddy Chuck McCabe called him), is a genius! The best coaching staff ever! The Patriots made history, in the face of adversity. Lessons for us all. Never give up!

Suspicious Minds

Then, after awards and cheering and tears and speeches of gratitude…someone stole the “Greatest Of All Time’s” game shirt, out of his bag?, in the locker room?!!!!!??? Disgusting! So here are the possibilities: Suspect #1, where was Goodell after he gave the Lombardi Trophy to Tom? He was angry that he got booed. He knew Matt Patricia was about to wear the t-shirt featuring his face with a clown nose…and he wanted revenge! Suspect # 2, our illustrious VP was there in his cushy box seat. Does he even know what a football is? Remember, Super Bowl LI was played in Texas, Ah Ha! Pence was sent there to rip off the shirt, to sell it on EBay, to help pay for the “WALL”!!! Watch EBay folks. Suspect #3, Gisele Bundchen, Tom’s luscious wife, (who by the way makes more $$$ money than her hubby). She asked her husband, reportedly, four times that night to retire. Tom replied, “I’m having too much fun!” But, Gisele wants him home with her and the kids, so she grabbed the shirt so that he might just quit the game! Last possibility, Suspect # 4, some poor bastard just trying to make a buck. Unfortunately, they will never be able to sell the prizing winning shirt estimated worth: $1 million. Why? Because Chuck Norris’s Texas Rangers are on the case! I hope they find it, Tom Brady deserves his shirt…But then again, I can imagine him playing with out it….

My painting: Who Stole Tom Brady's Shirt? or The G.O.A.T. !"

“Who Stole Tom Brady’s Shirt? or The G.O.A.T. !” 16″ X 20″, oil on canvas, by Teddi-Jann Covell, (available for purchase, teddijann@gmail.com, Teddi-JannCovell.com)

Teddi Covell

About Teddi Covell

Teddi-Jann was elected as President of the Bangor Art Society May 2015. In this capacity she complied member’s drawings to form a Bangor Art Society Coloring Book, organized, two members’ art shows and one Paint-out with a wet paint auction, October 2015 & 2016.